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  • Musings on Aphrodite

    Musings on Aphrodite

    Musings on Aphrodite by our founder:

    "I closed my eyes and savored the oyster, letting it roll gently across my tongue, taking in the remnants of salt still fresh from the sea. I imagined this to be the flavor of Aphrodite, dripping of sea water and honey. Fresh and both sweet. She is the ocean. She is all that is impenetrable— that which can only be felt, but never truly known. Depths of her left to be discovered. That which cannot be confined, nor defined.... at least not in the definitive sense, always changing shape. Changing form. She moves through you. Taking another sip from my wine, being brought back to the simple pleasures of life, I asked myself in that moment, “When was the last time you allowed yourself to succumb to your senses? To have allowed for sensuality to sit right there— found amongst the softness of sunlight caressing you like warm silk on your skin? To have flirted with the very essence of life?” I felt enraptured... not by sexuality, but of sensuality— seduced by my very own senses, taking it all in as if for the very first time. The textures... the tastes. Like a baptism, wine and both water always cleanse me— invoking a wander to experience the world anew again."

    Alex Messbarger