Free shipping on all orders over $100! (Please note: each piece is hand made with love and made to order; hence, there may be shipping delays.) Free shipping on all orders over $100! (Please note: each piece is hand made with love and made to order; hence, there may be shipping delays.)

Our Story

To curate and collect is something that has played a big theme in my life. From the time I was young, I always imagined building a home, much like one would curate a museum, filling it with personal treasures and trinkets that each tell a story, carefully collected over lots of time and endless countries. Because of this, I made it a priority to collect something new to add to my collection from each place I traveled to, bringing back much more than I arrived with and swore myself against ever succumbing to e-books. I imagined every nook being stacked with books of poetry with sweet notes written between the pages and novels with the corners folded over, marking the words that have resonated with me most so that when the next person picks it up, if only just for that moment, we are somehow connected, intimately sharing a portal into my mind, my heart. I imagined mounds of golden jewels of all kinds stacked up, reminding me of having lived along the Mediterranean and the way the sun would melt into the sea - of all the times I felt most alive and free... lt is somewhat like leaving behind a collage of a life well-lived - scattered bits and pieces of me everywhere left to decipher and to discover with each new artifact dug up. Luckily, too, I have realized that quality does not necessarily have to mean unaffordable, as I have found deep, deep joy in searching for unique and timeless pieces via vintage shops, always hunting for a steal, and have discovered the meaning behind "gold-filled", which gives luxury jewelry a run for its money, allowing for every woman the chance to feel rich.

I created this brand, because more than anything - I want to tell a story. Just as I find myself always scribbling poetry and prose, each of these pieces, to me, are poetry in the physical form, giving real life to my own whisperings scattered across the pages. Amathu'sia Collections is a celebration of life; a celebration of womanhood, meant to inspire the every day living to be a work of art. Some of the pieces are vintage. (And isn't the idea of picking up a beautiful piece ever-more sweet when you know that within it lies a story - that you are carrying on another woman's legacy and now adding to it your own?) The story of each piece is endless and ever-changing, but always beautiful and unique. Each new country that I travel to, I will bring back pieces along that I've sourced from some of my favorite vintage boutiques, making this space much like a treasure chest, keeping the collections exciting and fresh - never quite knowing what you will discover. For the pieces that are new - I have made it a priority to source incredible artists who, within their hands, unfold a story with each intricate detail. I've even put my artistic vision to life, creating and designing pieces myself with my own hands. Here, there is a mix of all that I find beautiful and desire to share. My hope is that each of these pieces eventually gets passed on - to a friend, or perhaps maybe a daughter and eventually a granddaughter, too, or resold again at a vintage boutique so that the story continues to live on, always evolving - each piece holding a rich history... each woman being inspired by the woman before her, picking up where she left off in her own signature style. I love pondering on this thought.  With all that being said - welcome to my creative home. I hope that in this space, you feel inspired, you feel beautiful... you feel free. I know it is the beauty and strength of women that leaves me forever in awe, and in each woman that I've come across - are pieces of her found in each collection. I cannot wait to hear all of the fabulous stories of the women who wear these pieces. What will be the legacy you leave behind with these pieces?

xo Alex