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Mix and Match Emerald Snake and Pearl Earring Set

Amathu'sia Collections

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The word “Kundalini” comes from Sanskrit, and it literally means coiled snake. This energy represents the energy of life, or the creative and spiritual potential that lies in every person. According to writings, Kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine, curled like a snake waiting for the moment it can lift its head up and stretch to its entire length. A 'Kundalini Awakening' is a spiritual awakening. Connect to the Kundalini, life-force energy that lies within you in our mix and match emerald snake and pearl earrings. 
  • This is a set of two different earrings to mix and match
  • Snake earring is pierced at the bottom with a wrap up cuff, gold-filled CZ with emerald CZ colored eyes — made to be worn on the right ear
  • Genuine pearl earring on gold-plated post with CZ emerald stud 
  • Handmade by Alex Messbarger 

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