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Dainty Genuine Blue Toned Pearls on Gold Hammered Hooks

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The color blue is known for having a calming effect and there is nothing like a naturally blue-toned pearl to call in the energy of tranquility that the ocean brings to us. The sound of the waves. The sensation of water enveloping you like silk on your skin. The way in which the tides wash in and out, reminding us that just as everything comes, everything goes; surrender, trust... and let go - all things are meant to evolve.

  • Dainty genuine blue toned freshwater pearls on gold-filled hammered hooks
  • Length of hook approx. 1”
  • Width of hook approx. 1/4”
  • Handmade by Alex Messbarger

** Pairs perfectly with our genuine blue toned pearl pendant on a gold filled snake chain; search "Dainty Genuine Freshwater Blue Toned Pearl Pendant on Gold Filled Snake Chain" 

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